Monday, July 28, 2008

Shabby Princess LO's

Ok so all except the last one have journaling & by a couple above it you can guess what its of. Thanks for stopping by. As always the title is linked to the site. Please leave some love =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LO's using kits by Nitwit

I love the colors of these kits. Of course they are all my lil princess lol. I hope you all like them =) If you want the kit ask me the name of it. The title is linked to the website for nitwit collections. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lo's & a QP by Bon Scrapatit

Aleah, Aleah, Aleah & her daddy Kevin. lol. I am a picture holic can you tell? Instead of me n my buddy which fits Aleah n her buddy Patrick in previous posts, its me n my camera lol =) Let me knwo if you want the kit used. Same one for all 3, the all white one is the QP mentioned in the title.

LO's using kits from babycakes

Ok so this is whos in them. Of course by now you can probably tell Aleah lol. She is my pride & joy =) The first one is Aleah & her puppy snowball ( snowball will be 1 year mid october & shes a 50 lb lap dog lol )!! The second & third are Aleah & I the rare occasion I am not behind the camera lol. The last is Aleah & my mom playing in the pool at my parents house. Want the kit? Just ask I'll find it for you.
Aleah wants to say hello to everyone & thanks for looking at mommys LO's =)
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

More with Farras

The first one is Aleah & her buddy Patrick. They have been buddies since "she was in yours tummy" as he says lol. During the fireworks 2006 he sat on my lap to watch them and his parents & sisters had been trying to get her to move all day. She would only move for him though. So while he was sitting on my lap watching the fireworks he curled around my big pregger belly (I was 7.5 months) and she wouldnt stop moving. He loved it!! Since then they ahve been best buddies =) They go for short walks, dance to even commercial music, play at the playground, & everything else. I love seeing them play together!

As always want any of the kits please ask I will send you the correct way & the title is linked to her blog.

LO's created for challenges

These were done for challenges on a couple forums I am a member of. If you want the kits sorry but they were for participants of the challenges only =( I can send you to the forum though so you can participate in their challengews for the free extras you get to participate & for participating =)

LO's using kits from Autistic Inspirations

As always want the kit ask about it =) These are all pics of my lil girl! I hope you like them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

LO's using kits from Monti's Pixel Playground

Same thing as the others click the title to go to Monti's site to browse her kits. She also has tutorials available using some kits she has. If you want the specifics on any kit please let me know =) Thanks for stopping by! Ok so whos in the pics ... 1. my daughter Aleah, 2. BFF Jamie & her hubby Ivan, 3. Aleah, 4 & 5 are 2 of my friend Bobbies kids 6 & 7 are Aleah again =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LO's Using Farrah's freebies

Of course since she helped me over come being completely blind to the tool bar above where I am typing I have to put hers up next. As with Bittersweet please comment if you want to know exactly which freebies I used for which LO & I will try to let you know what they are in a listed order of how they are in here. Of course there will probably be more in the future =)


All of these are made using Designs by Bittersweet freebie kits. If you want to know the names leave a comment & I will blog with the titles of the kits in order for everyone. Big thank you to Farrah from Farrahs Creations (click title to be taken to her blog). Farrah is the one who pointed out the button to insert an image that I completely missed a little while ago. lol. So big thanks for clearing up my mental blockedness lol =)

LO's Using Designs by Bittersweet

Click the title to visit Designs by Bittersweets Blog =) And after a few hours of setting this up my first post is giong to be a few LO's done with her freebie kits. I love them all & I'm sure these are not the last I will be doing with her kits lol!! I hope you like them. Please leave some love & constructive criticism is welcome as long as its not put rudely please.

This is from the July 4th freebie
This one is from her Get Fresh freebie

Ok so that is it for now. I dont promise that you will still be able to get these freebies from her blog, but you may find some others you like while browsing!

My first blog =)

I love that little smiley lol! I am Lisa born November 1985. I am right now a stay home mommy to Aleah who was born August 2006. I have seen many blogs from designers, just random bloggers, LO creators, etc and decided to give it a whirl. I love playing in PSP and Animation Shop 3 (although I am not yet any good with this one lol)!! Being unemployed the only things I can get to work with are freebies and for those I am very grateful to each creator who has been generous enough to make freebies that I have been able to obtain. If I went down the WHOLE list it would take forever and be boring. I think I have close to 50 or more blogs & forums in my favorites that I visit almost daily to see their updates on how they are doing and of course scoping out any freebies to snag & leave many thanks for. Ok so pretty much this will be me venting good & bad as well as showing off my LO's and I am going to try to link to the blog(s) of where I got the supplies for each LO, if I dont have it listed feel free to ask where I got it & I can look it up & send you their direction =) Well thats it about me feel free to email me with any questions you may have for/about me or my LO's & tags.