Sunday, October 5, 2008

Questionairre from Justine(title is linked)

Justine who is my first stalkers and just a all around sweet person, has me answering her quetionaire. Love ya!!!

1. How long have you been using PSP? Since April 08, wanted to learn how to do some things like the tag sites on MySpace do

2. How did I get into tag making, Scrapkits? Playing in PSP wanting to make my own things instead of always requesting them from others.

3. Who's my favorite artist? Prissy from Myspace, & others I cant think of right now I just got off work & it was he** today!

4. Who is my favorite scrap designer? Angeliques from Digital Embellishments, Justine my stalker, Jeff from BWScrapbooking, & Christine from Wimpy Chompers.

5. Who's blog do I go to everyday? Justines cause I love her kits & have convos with her, there is actually a list of about a dozen blogs I visit daily LOL!!

Now, to pass this on to 3 people.......Only 3!!! ......well cant send it back to Justine soooooo....

1. MagicMaker
2. Lucy & Faith
3. Angelique

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