Monday, March 23, 2009

Peachy Keene by Toni Scraparoni

Ok so I am not part of the CT group for Toni anymore, but she & I have still been talking. Since I used her kit for these 2 I may as well brag about her while Im showing them off. The title is linked to her blog where you can find more of her items & a link to her store. Toni has been so sweet to me & I appreciate her friendship & advice. So click the title, or find her in my favs on the right side below archives, and show her some love!!

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Toni Scraparoni said...

Oh, wow, Lisa!! They look gorgeous!!! And I'm blushing furiously at your post. The pleasure is all mine! It's nice to count you as a friend and I hope to do so always.

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Toni :)