Monday, January 4, 2010

I got 2 AWARDS!!!!

This one I got from my favorite stalker Justine aka PSP addict. Shes the best stalker ever lol!!
Now I have to tell you 10 things about me...Sorry but after last year & not much good this year prepare yourself lol...

1. I lost 4 close family members btwn April & Nov in 2009
2. I have been with my fiance Kevin since 2/29/04
3. My daughter Aleah will be 4 this year already
4. I Love my PSP, but you already knew that ROFL
5. I am addicted to facebook....add me is the email used there, if you do I will start posting kit previews & sale ads there for you to find out about sales first!!!
6. Aleah was born on my friend Antonia's 20th birthday
7. Antonia had her 2nd daughter the day before my 22nd Birthday
8. I HATE the cold & snow but live in Michigan go figure lol
9. Aleah is the sassiest & smartest 3 yr old Ive ever seen!!!
10. I secretly like to watch Hannah Montana & iCarly (ok so I guess its not a secret anymore is it?)

Now to pass it on tooooo.......Prissy!!! I love ya girly!! You are my 2nd best stalker!! hehe!!
This one I got from the lovely Jan aka Dalemans Designs. Thanks so much hun!!

So since there are no instructions & Jan passed to 5 I am going to do the same thing so here ya go ladies....enjoy!!!


And Id like to note that all 5 of them are now part of my personal CT & I love their work & appreciate their friendship!!!

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