Monday, September 29, 2008

Gold Star Blog Award from my "Stalker" LOL!!

I got this award from Justin as she put it when she gave it out my "stalker in a nice way" LOL! She is too funny & a very sweet designer!!

Here are the rules for this award.If you receive this award,you must pass it on to 3 other blogs.If you have already received this award,you don't need to pass it on.You must post on the chosen winners blogsto let them know about the award.
Now who to give it to.... Well I'd give it back to Justine, but she knows I love her blog & I am so happy we have become blog & myspace friends!! Sooooo......

2. Betty (still a work in progress, I am helping her set it up LOL)

Well congrats ladies, big thanks to justine, & I am off to more creating. I think I am going to post some of the tags I made for my myspace site for friends on there. What do you all think?

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