Thursday, September 4, 2008

PSP Addict LO's

Above LO kit is: So Not A Princess
Above LO kit is: So The Drama

The title is linked to the blog where you can find these 2 great kits & a ton more for FREE!! Just make sure you comment if you snag any of Justine's kits. She works really hard on them & has them all for FREE!! A little love or a thank you can go a very long way!


Justine's Scraps said...

LOL.....Awesome!! I love them, awesome job!!

Christina said...

Thanks for the reply on the CT team call. I'd definitely LOVE to have you join my team. :) (I know, so easy right?) lol. Email me at for more information. I won't announce it just yet but would love to get things going with a few girls that have applied. Can't wait to work with you.